Distrans AI's Commitment to Full Transparency

Here at Distrans AI, we believe transparency to our users and investors is of utmost importance, when it comes to running a currency and handling arbitrage investments. That is why we are making a pledge to commit to the following:

  • There is no additional issuance of AI Currency. It is promised in the articles of incorporation that AI Currency will be issued in its entirety from the beginning. If this promise is broken by any chance, this can be taken as an indication that the company is in a state close to bankruptcy.
  • The total number of AI Currency issuances is 1,000,000,000,000 AI. The amount of AI Currency that is held by Distrans AI. is 333,333,333,333 AI.
  • All of the company reserved AI Currency is managed and used by the artificial intelligence system MAI for the users’ returns. Specifically, the company’s reserves will be used in order to execute the arbitrage transactions and counter transactions pertaining to AI Pay and AI Currency, as well as for currency stabilization in the foreign exchange market and to ensure the AI Pay guarantee mentioned above.
  • All transactions of AI Currency are kept in transaction logs and will be openly published by Distrans AI. This does not apply to detailed individual purchasing information after the individual changes of AI Currency into AI Pay.
  • Distrans AI. will gain its revenue solely from advertising. The revenue from currency utilization, such as exchange transactions, will be returned fully to the market and to those who have contributed to the currency.
  • All Distrans AI. financial reports will be disclosed to the public.
  • The various specifications of MAI, which manages the entire system, will also be disclosed.
  • Security will be handled with the utmost care, but if by any chance, problems on the platform-end cause users any loss, Distrans AI. will fully insure the entirety of the lost amount of AI Currency.
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