What is AI currency?

The AI currency is a cashless bridge currency of fiat currencies, created on top of a distributed computing and A.I. based digital currency system, with the feature of its monetary value increasing automatically. The currency is maintained by A.I., with full transparency on transactions and mechanisms, and no human management.

The AI currency solves the scaling problems inherent in blockchain-based crypto currencies. Using Cassandra and Paxos based distributed computing technology, AI currency can scale to up to 10 billion transactions a day at close to no cost; something that can not be realized blockchain-based architectures.

Exchange monitoring Artificial Intelligence

Meet MAI

The AI exchange is monitored by our artificial intelligence, MAI (short for Mother AI). MAI conducts all exchange transactions and utilizes micro-transaction arbitrage in order to generate profits as well as prevent extreme fluctuation of the price of the AI currency. MAI quickly perceives market manipulations and tries to collect all the profit on the side of the platform.

Any gains MAI makes from its micro-transaction arbitrage is redistributed back to currency-holders in the form of interest yields, or as financial rewards when users use AI PAY as their preferred payment method for any purchases. 


Through AI PAY, users can load their AI currency into any pre-paid debit card in an instant. In time, AI PAY will become a digital payment method that they can use to make any online or offline purchases. As adoption grows, Distrans AI will incentivize vendors to switch to accepting AI PAY as a payment option by offering 0% processing fees.

The Difference Between Currencies

Why Buy AI Currency?

Stable Prices
By adjusting the AI currency’s money supply algorithmically according to the size of its economy, and having an Artificial Intelligence monitor the exchange markets, AI currency will always be at a stable price.
Pay Instantly
As AI PAY, the AI currency can be used as an instant electronic payment. It realizes the scalability of transactions even if a billion payment transactions are executed at the same time.
Daily ROI
If you buy the AI currency, you'll get daily, stable interest. The more people use the AI currency, the bigger the interest. We are providing maximum incentives in form of interests and rewards for users.
No Transaction Fee
Users incur zero transaction fees for any payments. Distrans AI provides the system for free.
Pay at a Discount
Users who have installed the AI Wallet on their smartphone devices can receive discounts at a given “discount rate” if the purchasing transaction is held via AI PAY at retailers who support AI PAY transactions.
Algorithmic Central Bank
The AI currency exchange is monitored by an artificial intelligence that acts as a Central Bank to stabilize the price

Commitment to Transparency

Here at Distrans AI, we believe transparency to our users and investors is of utmost importance, when it comes to running a currency and handling arbitrage investments. 

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